10 Ridiculously Expensive Things President Trump Owns

Want to reach baller status like the president of the u.s. of a well, then you

must first purchase the same ridiculously expensive things president

Trump owns ,once you’ve acquired all items on this checklist you know you’ve

made it to Trump status ,we just sure do hope you like rokoko gold-plated items ,

here a list of the most expensive things President Trump owns .


1.  The famous penthouse

Let’s begin with a famous three-story Trump Tower penthouse

which POTUS has described as literally the best apartment ever built ,located

in a building called the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City, the

property is valued at approximately 100 million dollars ,the Trump described

rokoko decor of the penthouse apartment features a gold rose and beige color

palette which of course includes a 24 carat gold and marble floor columns,

walls and wells everything really a private elevator to and from mr. Trump’s

office on a lower floor and boasts what I imagine are many many many crystal

chandeliers, it does not get any classier than this, however price tag on the city

views of Central Park and al fresco paintings of the Trump family are not as

ludicrous as a security expenses incurred by the property since the family

reached official government status ,it can cost anywhere from 100,000 to four

hundred thousand dollars a day ,secure the Trump residence ,depending on

whether or not the president is in town, but the good news for President

Trump is that the US taxpayers are picking up the bill to keep his gilded

penthouse safe, I wonder what the cost of shine all that gold must be.


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