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How to STOP Cravings | 8 Natural Appetite Suppressants That Work


Sugar and food cravings are a dieters worst enemy . everyone has experienced

that moment when you walk to the fridge look inside realize nothing is on your

diet and walk away disappointed . sometimes it can even be difficult to tell if your

body is actually hungry or just bored and while there is plenty of bad advice pills

and hocus-pocus theories out there today the health nerd is going to teach

you howto stop cravings with a simple appetitesuppressants that actually work .


1.  Drink water first

Thirst and hunger cravings are often confused , this is because our sedentary

lifestyle does not fit what our bodies were designed to do so the brain

prompts us to get up and go do something . to conquer this drink a large

glass of water when hungry and then wait a few minutes , you will often

find that the craving goes away and your body was simply bored

and searching for another dopamine hit .



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