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    9 Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane

        It seems like common sense if you’re not a suicidal maniac rights ,generally don’t open the emergency door or you’re going to have a bad time ,however it’s not for the reasons you would think ,the pressure within the airplane cabin won’t allow you to actually force that door open ,not even if […]

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    9 Athletes That Look Like BODYBUILDERS

      People look at soccer and imagine the players should be lean while being more focused on running ,and okay through soccer players need to focus on their running, but they need a lot of strength too ,soccer players need to have incredible core strength as well as other types of strength to move them  forward and deliver those powerful […]

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    10 Strange Requirements To Work As A Flight Attendant

      It’s a requirement no flight attendant ever hopes to need ,well unless they’re in a hotel with a swimming pool ,as scary as it may be all flight attendants must need to know how to swim, if a plane ever needs to make an emergency landing in a river ,lake or even at sea […]

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    15 Hidden Images in Logos You Never Noticed

        London the capital of England and the United Kingdom ,that country that blessed us with Harry Potter and Doctor Who, even though it was founded in 1904 and is considered to be one of London’s oldest symphony orchestras, they managed to say modern and up-to-date, the proof is in the pudding ,or in […]

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    9 Secrets That Spiderman Is Hiding About His Superpowers

        Somewhere between the comic and the screen ,some of the character gets left behind, sometimes it’s super powers, abilities ,story arcs or the negative effects of superpowers ,Spider Man is no different to this, and quite a lot of his character was left out of the movies to train the character ,this is […]

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    10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want To Mess With

        Everyone has an idea of what makes the perfect dog ,some say intelligence is the most important aspect ,mother’s just want a big ball of fluff to cuddle up with at night, per pillow alert well the first dog on our list has a little bit of everything, the bull mastiff specialty as […]

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    10 Abnormally Large Airplanes That Actually Exist

      This airplane was a massive flying boat, taking off and landing via water ,built by Hughes Aircraft Company ,it was the largest flying boat ever built with the largest wingspan, it weighed four hundred thousand pounds and had a wingspan of 320 feet ,it was originally built during World War Two in 1942 for […]

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    10 True Stories Behind Hollywood Studio Logos

        Give us your best lion roar on the count of three one two three ,so this logo for metro-goldwyn-mayer is well over 100 years old ,the logo originated in 1916 and was created by Howard Dietz, nothing pumps you up more than watching a lion roar before a movie ,Dietz chose the lion […]

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    9 Kids Cartoons Seen in Real Life!

          What is it with children’s movies and killing off parents , am i right off the top of my head Finding Nemo ,The Lion King, Cinderella ,bandy the good dinosaur and frozen all begin with a good old death float the parents of our protagonist, I suppose the common and compelling conflict that younger audiences will be able […]

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