9 Secrets That Spiderman Is Hiding About His Superpowers

Peter Parker our favorite spider-man ,this guy is one of the most relatable

superheroes ever ,he just manages to keep audiences coming back for back story

after back story, I mean what is this ,the third time that we’ve had to be

introduced to Aunt May and the gang, granted the newest outing seems to be

more exciting and who are we kidding ,we love the spider-man back story ,but

there are some things that even the most hardcore of movie-going fans might not

have known ,here are 10 secrets that spider-man is hiding about his

superpowers .


1.  Monster appetite



Somewhere between the comic and the screen ,some of the character gets left

behind, sometimes it’s super powers, abilities ,story arcs or the negative effects of

superpowers ,Spider Man is no different to this, and quite a lot of his character

was left out of the movies to train the character ,this is not surprising because

still makers have almost 57 years worth of content to sit through ,some Spider

Man first appeared in the early 60s ,so it is safe to say that a lot of his

character doesn’t make it onto the big screen, I want to spite his hardest

secrets to keep is the fact that he needs a massive amount of protein to

function ,some scientists predict that he would need about 900 eggs in the

morning, just to swing around New York with that organic webbing of his, this

would cost an astonishing amount of money and considering the fact that aunt

MAME is only a nurse, it would mean that slighty must have a hard time trying to

keep up with the demands of his growling stomach, thankfully his superhero

buddies come to his aid and sometimes help to feed him, well that in fact that

Peter Parker is one of the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe ,so

he actually comes up with a few nifty ideas to keep his stomach full ,Oh

didn’t know that that must be some of the other content that filmmakers

didn’t think worthy to mention .



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