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9 Secrets Flight Attendants Don’t Want You To Know

Flying ,one of man’s greatest frontier ,you can go halfway around the world in less than a day when you ride this metallic tube in the air going hundreds of miles per hour ,but because we can’t have nice things ,there are rules in place ,and we have flight attendants to enforce them ,not only do flight attendants make sure the flight goes smoothly but they also serve us ,in short they know the goods ,and I’ve been keeping them under wraps, until now ,here are ten secrets flight attendants don’t want you to know .


 1. Toxic water



While most people think it’s the air that’s nasty ,you need to look at the water ,so tap water tank is within feet of the lavatory waste for one ,yes the water you wash your hands with and the water you drink in your coffee and tea all come from the same place, maybe you should shell out the $20 for the expensive coffee from the airport Starbucks ,it’ll be a heck of a lot cleaner ,here’s a little tip if the flight attendants don’t drink the water ,you shouldn’t either at whatever cost drink bottled water but some flight attendants have also admitted that they will fill empty water bottles with the plane’s tap water, also the tanks are usually as old as the plane,and they don’t get cleaned regularly if at all ,let’s ruin ice for you as well the ice trays don’t get cleaned either ,so when you’re getting your beverage ask for no ice ,if you’re thinking about all those times you’ve drank the water on the plane thank your lucky stars you’re still alive and functioning ,plus you might have to give a high-five to your immune system, the Environmental Protection Agency had a field day testing the waters ,the result airplane tap water is a lot filthier than regular tap water.



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