9 Kids Cartoons Seen in Real Life!

Kids cartoons ,there are several cartoon figureheads

that have the power to transport us directly back into our

childhoods, some of these characters were heroes to us

others cheered us up when we were sad and yet others

were just plain interesting to watch  ,but every child has

also often fantasized about these characters coming to

life in real life , so what would that look like ,stay tuned

and watch the internet dragged in today with ten kids

cartoon characters seen in real life .


1.  Mufasa and Simba




What is it with children’s movies and killing off parents ,

am i right off the top of my head Finding Nemo ,The Lion

King, Cinderella ,bandy the good dinosaur and frozen all

begin with a good old death float the parents of our

protagonist, I suppose the common and compelling conflict

that younger audiences will be able to connect with,

but perhaps none were truly so gripping as much as the loss

of Mufasa in the Lion King ,which is essentially Shakespeare’s

Hamlet with a very furry cat ,no not those kinds of furries ,

well here’s a fun fact that not many people know about the

Lion King ,originally Sean Connery was meant to do the voice

of Mufasa, could you imagine, I’ll have my will to be shaken

not stirred ,what’s more is that the voice of Timon and Pumbaa

were going to be voiced by Cheech and Chong, but corny

jokes aside The Lion King was one of the most popular Disney

animated musicals and made about 987 million at the worldwide

box office when it was released in 1994 ,and it’s fully cemented

itself in the hearts of many young audiences thereby making it a

90’s kid staple ,but have you ever wants to see a real life in

fosston Simba ,take a look at this stunning photo of a real male

lion with this tiny little cub, it looks almost straight out of the

scene where Mufasa gives his famous everything the light

touches speech .



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