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9 Athletes That Look Like BODYBUILDERS

Most of us can barely leave the house in the morning let alone spend hours in

the gym, and we are resigning ourselves to the fact that our summer bodies just

won’t be happening this year, or ten a year really and just to rub some salt in

those open wounds we decided to show you 10 athletes who aren’t just good at

their current job, they would be good at another pro sport too ,from wrestling to

soccer here are 10 strongest athletes to look like bodybuilders .

1. George elokobe



People look at soccer and imagine the players should be lean while being more

focused on running ,and okay through soccer players need to focus on their

running, but they need a lot of strength too ,soccer players need to have

incredible core strength as well as other types of strength to move them

 forward and deliver those powerful kicks and head buds that we know so well,

it can be hard to imagine someone of George elocobe besides maneuvering so

gracefully on the soccer field so well ,but he has got it down to an art form, this is a

man who at first glance looks like he should be a bodybuilder or Secret Service

agent who has his chosen profession down to an art form, and is now playing

for one of the most well-known clubs in the world, at 6 feet tall he would tower over

any regular sized man ,and at 209 pounds he could probably bench a regular man

as well, I mean can you imagine going against this defender, how are the other

 teams not like, it is obvious that playing soccer has gotten a whole lot more

dangerous than that time I tried out for the team back in middle school .



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