8 Homes That Will MESS WITH YOUR MIND!

Your ancestors used to live in a cave or in some kind of wood hut that only kept out

50% of the rain and about 10% of the bears ,we’ve come a long way since

then and it’s amazing how much variety you see around the world

despite every home being designed for exactly the same purpose protection,

warmth and sleep so today we’re looking at some of the coolest most original

houses from around the planet to help you forget about the sell of cockroaches

and mold that you’re currently living in .

1. The factory Ricardo Bofill

From the sale shaped W Hotel on Barcelona seafront to the Christian

Dior HQ in the heart of Paris Ricardo Bofill has been the world’s most

important architect for many years theme is for his brutalist style they use

one of his Paris housing estates as a set in The Hunger Games Movies

so where does the man himself live well appropriately for a man who

has built hundreds of buildings he lives in an old concrete factory although

the project started in 1973 it’s never really finished since it’s an enormous

industrial complex that is now used as his offices exhibition space and even

a concert hall and although you’d expect it to be gray all over most of the walls

and roofs are covered in plants he’s taking the idea of living in a concrete jungle

very literally .



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