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15 Hidden Images in Logos You Never Noticed

Not to freak you out ,but we’ve been trained and conditioned by the corporate

world to be able to identify hundreds of logos in an instant, think about it, you see

a particular logo and you know where it’s from in less than a second ,you want ice

cream ,Baskin Robbins pops up in your head ,like social media you’re probably

thinking about Facebook, if I’m right okay I have to confess I might be psychic, Wow

not really but for real ,there is more to most logos and what we immediately see,

here are 15 hidden images and logos you never notice .


1.  London Symphony Orchestra



London the capital of England and the United Kingdom ,that country that blessed

us with Harry Potter and Doctor Who, even though it was founded in 1904 and is

considered to be one of London’s oldest symphony orchestras, they managed to

say modern and up-to-date, the proof is in the pudding ,or in this case the logo,

here you can see the letters LSO in a fancy red line design, but tilt your head to the

left of smidge ,or a tidge or a pitch you’ll see that the letters also make the shape

of a conductor with his arms up as if he’s leading the orchestra ,did we mention

that the LSO is featured in the Star Wars soundtrack as well as Superman

Harry Potter and Raiders of the Lost Ark ,it helps when you have a fan supporter

in John Williams .



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