10 True Stories Behind Hollywood Studio Logos

We might go to a movie theater to go see a movie ,or watch from the

coziness of our mom’s basement ,we all know that before a movie starts there’s

a plethora of Hollywood studio logos being thrown at you, usually to dramatic ,

but do you know that there are stories behind these logos, they aren’t just pretty

to look at, there’s some meaning behind them, let us enlighten your mind and get

comfy for some story time ,here are 10 true stories behind Hollywood studio logos.


1.  MGM ( Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer )



Give us your best lion roar on the count of three one two three ,so this logo for

metro-goldwyn-mayer is well over 100 years old ,the logo originated in 1916

and was created by Howard Dietz, nothing pumps you up more than watching

a lion roar before a movie ,Dietz chose the lion so he could pay tribute to his alma

mater Columbia University ,sucker, in 1924 MGM was creative and they

adapted deeds his logo for their own use, the first lion was named slats and he

was the star of the show but he didn’t roar as he was a chil lion who was more

into people watching than eating them, slats was eventually replaced in 1928 by

Jackie ,this line gave an audible roar exciting audiences all over the world

like when you jingle keys in front of a baby, in the 1920s people were most

likely breaking prohibition laws and so it was a bunch of drunk people amused by

a roaring lion on screen ,Jackie was also a diva and appeared in numerous movies

like Tarzan ,so this lion was a bigger celebrity than most people of the time

and was earning a bigger paycheck ,Coffee was the first lion to be used in color

versions of the logo ,then came along Tanner ,who was used in films from 1935

to 1956 ,after that we had George and we hugged him invent him and squeeze ,

what’s wrong George ,the lion we know and love today is named leo he was also

the youngest lion to be used which can be seen by his smaller mane .


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