9 Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane

They say that it’s not about the journey ,but the destination ,well whoever

invented that cliche clearly wasn’t around during the time of aviation

travel ,cramped airlines and all the sorts of bad flying etiquette abound,

it’s dramatic enough that whole Instagram accounts document several

flying don’ts ,and here are 10 of those don’ts with 10 things not to do on an

airplane .


1. Don’t try to open the emergency exit



It seems like common sense if you’re not a suicidal maniac rights ,generally don’t open the emergency door or you’re going to have a bad time ,however it’s not for the reasons you would think ,the pressure within the airplane cabin won’t allow you to actually force that door open ,not even if you were the love child of Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger ,you can think of that door, like a plug in a pipe train ,with the pressure of the water being an analogy for all the pressure outside of the aircraft ,at typical cruising altitude about 8 pounds of pressure are exerted on every square inch of that door ,and no ,no 5-hour energy ,redbull or monster drink is going to make you capable ,so the reason you might have a bad time is if you die for the door as one man did on a Delta flight to party Seattle for China ,you could have a wine bottle smashed over your head ,multiple passengers and flight attendants tried to tackle this unruly passenger when he got erratic ,and tried to lunge for the door ,amazingly not even the wine bottle knocked out the 23 year old Joseph Daniel who deck the cork ,as second staff had to go to the hospital for facial injuries ,he went to court over it ,but in courts he remained silent ,as an aside¬†try not to have a psychotic break on an airplane .



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