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10 Strange Requirements To Work As A Flight Attendant

We’re going to be looking at ten strange requirements to work as a
flight attendant being a flight attendant seems like a great job ,you get
to travel the world meet new people and get paid for it ,but there are
some secrets flight attendants don’t want you to know, and there are
some pretty crazy requirements to become one that will shock you.

1. Swimming


It’s a requirement no flight attendant ever hopes to need ,well unless
they’re in a hotel with a swimming pool ,as scary as it may be all flight
attendants must need to know how to swim, if a plane ever needs to make an
emergency landing in a river ,lake or even at sea ,flight attendants may need
to swim this is not only to protect the flight attendants, but also so they can
protect other passengers ,they need to be able to swim and tread water for at
least one minute with no assistance, the distance can vary depending on the
airline for ryanair flight attendants must be able to swim 420 meters ,while
easyJet requirements are 25 meters ,this is scary to think about, but it is a
crucial requirement you can’t get the job without .

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