10 Roads You DON’T Want To Drive On

Country roads take us home to the place we belong ,but some
roads are easier to take than others ,so the hub is mapping
tough terrain revealing secrets not even visible on Google, if two
roads diverged in a wood be careful taking the one less
traveled ,it might be one of these roads
you wouldn’t want to drive on.

1. Zoji la India

Nestled in the Himalayas Zoji la is one of the highest elevated
roads in the world, this Indian passageway is five and a
half miles long ,about 11,500 feet above sea level and offers
one of the most scenic views into Kashmir ,although it’s
dry arid climate doesn’t get much precipitation ,the high
elevation invites some treacherous and unpredictable
winter storms, leading the road to close during most winter
months ,even after rainstorms the unpaved Road can be
impassable due to the muddy surface, sticky enough to trap
the most well equipped four-wheel drive vehicles, this
makes it harder for the residents of Ladakh ,who use o geela
as the only way in and out of their town, if you live
there you’d probably be used to the windings single lane
dirt path they call their main thoroughfare, but to outsiders
this road is a lot to get used to this doesn’t even account for
the heavy and unpredictable winds conducted by the
cone-shape valley below, they can gust upon any unsuspecting
driver and blow them off course if they’re not driving
fast enough ,as the second highest mountain road in the
world it’s a breathtaking sight but if you’re not
careful one wrong turn can literally take your breath away .

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