10 Ridiculously Expensive Boats Only The Richest Can Afford

For some reason a lot of us like to tantalize ourselves with inside looks at

how the other half lives ,even if you are in that top tier of wealth ownership

you can’t help but wonder how the Joneses are doing ,specifically ever

wonder what it might be like to own a crazy expensive yacht,

you’ll be surprised to know what world-renowned designers and

engineers have come up with when it comes to what

you can actually put on a yacht, spoiler alert apparently racetracks

aren’t out of the question .


1. Lady Mora


This lady is not as high maintenance and expensive as our other

boats ,costing two hundred and ten million dollars ,but it still features a

good deal of extravagance when you consider that its name on the side

consists of 24 karat gold lettering, it also can accommodate more passengers

than a lot of other boats on this list, capable of 30 guests and 60 crew members,

that is a busy boat it’s a good possession to have if you’re looking to

have large parties or business meetings with large groups of people, the yacht is

344 feet long ,meaning you can easily fit 344 subway footlongs in there ,that’s

crucial information I mean for buying a yacht ,although just making sure you’re

still paying attention the yacht features a pool with a retractable roof

and s-76 B helicopter its own mini boat and a 75 foot Viscount Linley dining

room table ,the most unique thing about this yacht is its unique sand covered

hydraulic platform that slides out on one side of the yacht ,it can even be

adjusted so it sits right at the water line, it has real authentic sand it also

features its own little palm trees for a truly realistic experience .



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