10 People Who Chose The WRONG Profession

Sometimes you might find yourself wondering if that profession
is right for you ,from the office space to the playing field we found
a number of people who definitely pick the wrong
career ,maybe they were terrible or perhaps they were simply
wasting their talents ,whatever the reason they chose
the wrong profession to work in .

1. Magical

Years ago Joanne Rowling was working a job as a secretary
for Amnesty International, by all accounts she wasn’t
a very good secretary because she couldn’t stay focused on the
job at hand, every day rolling day dreamed about a
fantasy world and a certain fictional character named Harry,
eventually her co-workers got sick of her lack of work
and Rowling was fired it turned out to be a huge blessing as the
fired secretary could now focus solely on writing about her world
of wizards and Harry ,under the pen name JK Rowling .

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