10 Most Expensive Liquids In The World

From scorpion venom ,horseshoe crab blood and gamma hydroxybutyrate
acid whatever that is ,we take a look through ten of the most expensive liquids
in the world.

10. Scorpion venom

At an alarming price of 39 million dollars per gallon, scorpion venom is
considered to be the most expensive liquid in the world ,a scorpion has a
pair of pedipalps and an arrow tail ending with a venomous sting,
scorpions use the venom as a defense against predators as well as killing
and paralyzing their prey, the high price is because the venom can be used
in the treatment of conditions such as multiple sclerosis inflammatory bowel
disease and rheumatoid arthritis, however out of thousands of scorpion species
available in the world, only 25 species possess a
human deadly venom .

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