10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want To Mess With

7. Chinese shar pei



No need to grab your ironing board ,all those wrinkles are

attached to the next guard dog on our list ,the Chinese shar-pei ,a lot of

experts think that this breed is ancient ,dating back to the Han Dynasty in 200

BCE ,we do know that they originally came about to be the protector of local farms,

after years of popularity, the shar-pei actually almost became extinct ,and from

the 1960s to the 70s ,Guinness World Records said the shar-pei was the rarest

dog breed in the world, even though they look cute and adorable, they actually are

able to run the table on protecting farms from pesky predators,

so if your stranger trying to approach this dogs family ,you should be aware, as

shar-peis tend to be aggressive towards new people in their home, they are

definitely territorial according to the American Kennel Club,

but like most dogs socializing them while they are a puppy with kids

strangers and other animals can prevent aggressive behavior, doing so also shows

the Chinese shar-pei the difference between a good guy and a potential

danger ,some people believe that this breed was originally made as a royal

guard dog although there is no way of really knowing now, the dogs wrinkled

skin also gives it an advantage for fighting, if an animal bites onto the loose folds

its mouth would fill with skin and completely mess vital organs,

the dogs also have curved teeth that are easily able to hook into an enemy’s skin,

they may be cute but they’re bred to be deadly as well .


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