10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want To Mess With

6. Rottweiler



Cool calm and collected Rottweiler ,this breed largely gets by as a guard

dog on reputation alone, they tend to be very well liked and quick learners, but

whenever you see them out in the world your mind can’t help but go to one tray,

its hulking strength, it began as a dog bred to protect cattle and taught

through the years to be unrelenting when it came to protecting their own ,they

actually are thought to be descendants of drove her dogs in ancient Rome, these

types of animals were used for a lot of tasks, pulling carts, herding animals and

of course guarding Roman homes, and in modern times they are sometimes

known to be unfriendly to strangers if their owners don’t properly introduce them,

and you better hope they do ,the Rottweiler is not only tough but moves a lot

faster than other dogs, trust me you don’t want to get on this one bad side,

this breed is also extremely self sure, if you see them out on the street they

will usually have a powerful and confident wand ,maybe it’s because they’re almost

always the toughest dog on the block ,well we know they at least have the biggest

bite, according to experts their jaws are stronger than both the German Shepherd

and the pit ball ,and that stiff competition ,they can bite with a force

of over 320 pounds, that’s half the strength of a shark’s bite, unreal .



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