10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want To Mess With

10. German Shepherd



We’ve saved the best guard dog for last ,the German Shepherd

is a classic pick for guarding homes and businesses, in addition to seeing them

regularly with police officers in the real world, they also tend to show up a

lot on television and movies ,even though they have a big reputation to live up to

but the German Shepherd originally was bred to herd sheep,

like a lot of other dogs in this list ,so what exactly makes these dogs the best

of protection ,well according to the military and police forces this breed

has a nose that can’t be beaten, they’re able to sniff out potential threats way

before any human knows what’s coming, that’s why they’re always used during

criminal chases and bomb sniffing missions ,with that powerful tool you’d

think they’d run off the sniff and explore the world, but the German

Shepherd also has another great skill at its disposal,

its willpower ,that means this dog is willing to keep watch and stay in one

spot for long periods of time, there’s no tricking this breed, these

pups can also live for up to 10 or more ,that means you can not only have

a living breathing guard dog protecting your home for years but also a loyal

friend by your side for the duration ,dogs really are the greatest gift a

person can have in their life .

Article source : The wacky

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