10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want To Mess With

We know they’re cute ,we know they’re cuddly but from the beginning of time

one of the biggest jobs of the domesticated dog has been to protect its

family ,and nowadays not much has changed, some dogs will bark at a passing

mailman or a squirrel on the lawn ,but others tend to step it up a notch and kick

things into the next gear ,whatever the reason we know one thing for sure,

dogs truly are the most loyal friend a human can have ,so here the top ten

guard dogs you don’t want a mess with .


1. Bullmastiff



Everyone has an idea of what makes the perfect dog ,some say

intelligence is the most important aspect ,mother’s just want a big ball of

fluff to cuddle up with at night, per pillow alert well the first dog on our

list has a little bit of everything, the bull mastiff specialty as a breed is

being a jack-of-all-trades, they’re known to be incredibly smart and

have one of the best temperaments of all canine breeds, they’re also considered

good in tracking agility and even therapy work ,Plus this

big guy is a short-haired dog ,so he really doesn’t shed it all,

wow this dog is a better resume than ,they need to be trained a little more

creatively than other dogs as they hate to do the same tasks over and over and

over again, but if you’re a robber trying to break into a bull mastiff

house you need to beware ,they are known to be both loyal and

courageous, they stop at almost nothing to protect their clan ,and their

instincts for protection are second to none, the bull mastiff usually uses its

brute strength and size to knock over any intruder ,didn’t we forget to mention

that they typically grow to be around 150 pounds, that’s a big boy,

luckily the aggression stops at protecting its family as the bull

mastiff is an incredible and loving pet .



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