10 Dark SECRETS Disneyland Doesn’t Want You To Know

Disneyland the happiest place on earth every year millions of children

and their families flock to the theme park for the time of their lives,

they smile and take pictures with all their favorite characters ,

go on crazy rides and eat an enormous amount of junk food,

it’s the stuff dreams are made of ,but meet the shiny facade there’s

a world you didn’t know exists here are 10 behind-the-scenes secrets

Disneyland doesn’t want you to know.


1. Have a disney day



Have you ever wondered how Disney cast members make it through

the day, they seem to have entered a whole new world ,get it score

1 on the Disney reference board and in some ways they actually

have cast members must abide to a strict form of verbal code when

addressing any sort of crisis ,this is done so the effects aren’t spoiled

for children, for instance code V stands for vomit seems simple enough

right ,well my second favorite Disney code is the white powder

alert, this fun little phrase is used when someone wants to scatter

the ashes of their departed loved one, I wonder how

many people were buried before they had to come up with that one,

these codes are quite useful and they are carefully

crafted and selected to contain any crisis ,for example a lost child

will be referred to as a code 70 which means lost parents ,children

will never be referred to as lost since this will cause panic or catch

the attention of child predators ,other codes are more recreational ,

which brings me to my favorite Disney code, if a cast member

wishes you a Disney day you have been a jerk, that person wishes

they could punch you in the face and that smile is most

definitely fake yikes, well they have to make it through the

day in any way they can right  .



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