10 Craziest Things That Have Happened At McDonald’s

If you like McDonald’s, Big Macs, and Chicken McNuggets, you

might see  them a little differently after finishing this list. From

employees  purposely harming customers to disgusting Play

Place horror stories,  McDonald’s has played host to some of the

worst atrocities in the fast food industry, and I’m not just talking about

the McRib. For some reason, McDonald’s has a knack for

attracting bad people who do worse things.



One lucky couple Greg and Stacey Terry got the best deal ever from a McDonald’s

 in Hermitage Tennessee . when they bought what they thought was

breakfast when they opened the white paper bag for their food they

instead found thousands of dollars in clear deposit bags .Stacey

said that the second that Greg said it was their deposit my first response was

let’s get in the truck and take it back ,their conscience would prevent them

from keeping the money after returning it they received a thank-you from the manager .



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