10 Abnormally Large Airplanes That Actually Exist

Even if you are not a giant aviation fan, and even if you don’t idolize Howard

Hughes or the Wright brothers ,you’re bound to still be very impressed by

these massive airplanes ,airplanes on their own are fascinating feats of human

marvel and ingenuity ,we may not have evolved for flight yet we dared to make

it happen anyway, these planes are some of the largest aircrafts ever made,

so large that you’ll question how they could have existed in the first place .


1.  Hughes h-4 Hercules


This airplane was a massive flying boat, taking off and landing via water ,built

by Hughes Aircraft Company ,it was the largest flying boat ever built with the

largest wingspan, it weighed four hundred thousand pounds and had a wingspan

of 320 feet ,it was originally built during World War Two in 1942 for the US

government’s request for a carrier that could carry cargo and troops without

being susceptible to axis submarine, it was made from wood instead of metal

because of the need to conserve wartime materials, the aircraft was nicknamed

the Spruce Goose even though it was built entirely of laminated birch and not

spruce, it reportedly really ruffled Hugh’s feathers of the distich name

caught on ,it was designed to carry 750 fully equipped troops or 75 tons of

cargo, the beast also features eight radial engines ,the US government spent

22 million dollars on the craft and Hughes personally spent 18 million

dollars on it as well, in spite of this huge undertaking the plane only flew

once, on November 2nd 1947 it was fired up for some taxi tests flown for one

mile and airborne at 70 feet at a speed of 80 miles per hour before landing ,the

flight was over in less than a minute, almost more disappointing than spending

thousands on a wedding and getting left at the altar, I think Hughes wins the

investment loss Olympics on this one, even though he kept up the condition

of the aircraft until his dying day ,still a better love story than Twilight .



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