20 Images You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped

From barely legal

girlfriends to fourth-dimensional shacks

and ghost tsunamis we count 20 images

you won’t believe when Photoshop .



20  :  Military Clone Brush


 it doesn’t matter

how many times you tell us that this is

just soldiers marching in perfect

formation , it still messes with our eyes it looks

like they’ve just clicked in one soldier

with the clone tool and dragged it

across the screen but of course that

isn’t China using trickery to make the

army look bigger it’s just very

disciplined troops marching down the

street .




 19 : Beach Wallpaper


there is a non rediculous explanation but why

this bitch suddenly bears a pretty star

pattern but here’s a hint you can blame

it on that tractor this is the work of a

comic book genius who built the sand

pattern machine out of his old truck

tires why they chose to do this instead

of creating thousands of huge sea

monster footprints to scare up tourists

we’ll never know .






18 : Tree Drawing

is this a painting a close-up of a winter scene

postcard maybe nope it’s an aerial

photograph of a dried-out

riverbed in Mexico from the National

Geographic water runoff as it turns out

produces the same type of fractal

patterns as plants do when they grow new

branches so this is nothing but a fancy

looking River .




 17 : Barely Legal


this is one of those in the not just

fake but bad fake categories looking

like something from a magazine selling

bear insurance or something but in fact

it’s one of several pictures of the

bharatas bear and a family who’s keeping

it as a pet the bharatas bear was raised

in captivity and serves as a pip and

friend to Casey Anderson star of the

expedition grizzly .



 16 : Mordor Painting

the Internet is paste with

mind-bending images of street art that

turns a few panels of sidewalk into a

swimming hole or a terrifying pedestrian

hazard but it can be Arella neighborhood

swallowing painting makes those other

paintings look like crap with most

sidewalk art you can wrap your head

around the illusion if you look at it

long enough

but this one just gets more insane the

longer you think about it .




 15 : Dog-a-Roos


this looks like the

kind of shitty Photoshop job you’d see

on the Photoshop disaster so but in fact

these dogs live in the Philippines and

were born without the front layers

despite the fact that it looks like

these poor guys would topple over at the

moment they tried to wave their tails

apparently it’s possible for dogs to

live normal lives this way .






14 : UFO Cloud


here we have what appears to

be a badly faked UFO photo this is in

fact another type of cloud which happens

when the clouds are positioned

perpendicular to the wind direction

where they get spun into shapes like

clay pots this one was photographed in

Damascus Siberia and probably caused the

nearest Air Force to shut their pads a

bit .






 13 : Matrix Car

that car rendered from what looks to be vector

graphics from an old school computer

game is actually a wireframe sculpture

by artist benefit Radcliffe and we mean

an actual frame made of wires reportedly

this WRX inspired fake car received a

ticket for known number plates and been

parked and legally .




12 : Bathtub Nightmare


okay so this one looks like

some Joker practicing the reflection

effects by cutting and pasting this

ridiculous rubber duck into a harbor

full of boats but no the crazy artist

did it the hard way creating an actual

100 foot long rubber ducky and sticking

it in the water like was gods bathtub .






11 : Ascending to Hell

 this looks like a bank of escalators seconds before they

were buried under a lava flow but it’s

actually one of a hundred decorated

subway stations in Stockholm Sweden

where the natural bedrock ceiling has

been painted each station has its own

design earning them the title of the

world’s longest art gallery .






 10 : Grass illusion

this piece of artwork is

located in Paris and creating the

illusion is actually much harder than

you think the patch of grass isn’t level

at all but to anyone standing in any

other spot it’s not clear as to why

weird roots appear in the middle of the

city square then you stand at the end

and your head spins while you’re trying

to make sense of .


 9 : High Snow


this looks like a comical

magazine advertisement all-weather tires

and some magical land where the snow

gets to be three times higher than a

house but this is in Japan where the

laws of physics do not apply and where

they receive up to 20 meters of snow

each and every year and if you’re

wondering how in the world they dig out

those perfect lanes it takes 47,000

hairdryers on full whack over three

massive power consuming days .





 8 : Half-and-Half

 weather how do you find

perfectly horizontal lines in nature

what you’re seen is actually

after-effects of a toxic chemical spill

in Hungary and the exact line with a

sludge rose before we’re seeding search

it up if you’re not convinced .




7 : Pussycopter

yes yes that’s a real

cat and yes it has been converted into a

remote-control helicopter after his cat

was killed by a car artist by Jensen

decided to turn his corpse into a flying machine

of course this seems like one of those

things that should be illegal but what

law could have possibly be breaking I

mean the animals were already dead after

all but I wonder what it would cost to have

this done to our own bodies .

 6 : Glass Bathroom Floor


that’s not a photo

shop and that’s not a realistic painting

on the floor meant to freak out your

houseguests either that’s a real shaft

that you could possibly fall down and

die if one of the panes of glass were

ever to fail this bathroom is an upscale

penthouse apartment that was built in a

refurbished building in Mexico the

person who designed the place thought it

would be funny to put a bathroom on top

of an elevator shaft

and to make the floor out of glass .




5 : Noah’s Revenge

everyone’s reaction to this picture can be summed

up as what’s the big deal it’s just two

pictures one of the giant oil tanker and

one of the peaceful little town but in

fact this one photo of the pasha bulker

a ship famously ran aground in 2007

within spitting distance of the

Australian community the accident was

due to bad weather while the captain was apparently eating

breakfast .


4 :  Fourth-Dimensional Shack


this looks like a clever floater

project blending a before and after view

of a house in the desert by alternating

the views with each board or something

but really it just took some

strategically placed mirrors giving you

the illusion that you’re looking

straight through .





3 :  Shark Inception


this looks like one of those

fake bullshit photos you would expect to

see on Facebook but this food chain an

action shot is actually real it’s of a

shark eating a dog fish eating some bait

eating a shark eating a goldfish

basically a whole lot of fish eating

each other researchers used bait to

attract sharks that previously were

tagged and in this case a quick-witted

dogfish decided to go for the bait

before the shark poop .



2 :  Ghost Tsunami


the water vapour tidal wave

looks like the world’s most low-key

natural disaster but from the ground it

probably looks like nothing other than a

bit of fog the photo will snap by

helicopter to a company in Florida and

it’s a sight you can catch on rare

occasions when the air is just the right

temperature and humidity .



1 : Water Portal


if you’re thinking that

looks like someone pulled the plug on a

huge bathtub drain under a lake well

that’s exactly what it is that’s Lake

Berryessa in California and the drain

controls the water levels in the lake

according to the site the photograph is

from the drain is big enough to swallow

your house about 70 feet across and goes

down almost 300 feet .

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