10 REAL Houses Inspired by Cartoons

Sometimes the cartoon is just so good it

has to be brought to life here are 10

real  houses inspired by cartoons .

10 : The Simpsons House

Way back in July 1997 Fox had an incredible promotional

idea to build a full-sized livable

replica of 742 Evergreen Terrace from

The Simpsons and then give it away to

one lucky viewer the 120 thousand dollar

house was constructed for use as the

grand size prize in a contest sponsored

by Pepsi Fox and the home builder the

contest was known as the Simpsons house

giveaway the outrageous cartoon color

scheme is now gone this real-life

Simpsons house is actually located at

7:12 red bark Lane in Henderson Nevada .

9 :  Up House

Built in Harriman Utah

this 1950s style home was painstakingly

designed to resemble Carla Nellie’s from

Disney’s up from the weathervane at the

top of the house all the way down to the

floorboards bangerter builders received

permission from the Walt Disney Company

to build the house on the condition that

only one of the homes will be

constructed the house was sold to

private buyers in January of 2012 .

8 : SpongeBob’s House


There’s a small building that we modeled to look exactly

like a pineapple though it isn’t under the sea the home

is located in Namba and is a bit of a popular tourist

attraction because it looks exactly like

SpongeBob’s home .

 7 : Barbie’s House


The world’s first ever life-size

replicas of the plastic toys Malibu

beach house allows Barbie’s most ardent

admirers to live out their girlish

fantasies in the sprawling dollhouse

every little girls dream of inhabiting

the world of the all-american doll can

now become a reality in the interactive

experience the dream house was built in

less than a year using more than 200

pounds of glitter and 100 gallons of

pink paint .

6 : Flintstones House


 This fascinating stone

house picked it in NASA Montana Steve

faith in Portugal looks like the perfect

place for the Flintstones to live like

most contemporary homes it has a front

door roof and selection of windows while

the huge spherical Boulder on the uphill

side of the house

and scoop shaped end give it that

prehistoric Flintstones feel .

5 : Hobbit’s House


Fed up with huge mortgage payments

Simon Dale decided to take matters into

his own hands literally armed with only

a chisel a chainsaw and a hammer

the thirty two-year-old moved his family

to a hillside in Wales and started

digging the result is a wooden eco home

constructed in four months and costing

just three thousand pounds which would

look perfectly at ease alongside a

hobbit house in the Lord of the Rings .

4 :  Hello Kitty’s House



The Hello Kitty castle which opened in a

Taiwanese resort in 2009 is a tribute to

the Japanese enemy character that has a

bit of a cult following all over the world

the pink tout palace is decorated in

head-to-toe kitty including details such

as Hello Kitty wallpaper and cushions many

sources say the castle is in Shanghai

but it is in fact located in Taiwan .

3 :  The Jetsons House


Perhaps the most difficult cartoon house

to create is the Jetsons house which is

actually located in outer space there

isn’t an exact replica of the Jetsons

home yet but the design was based on

mid-century modern homes located in

California the pace model for the home

was that of the same house used in the

film North by Northwest sadly the home

is not available to actual tenants .

 2 : Star Wars Inspired House


Looking at this house you

might think is located in a galaxy far

far away because it looks like the

Millennium Falcon but the space age

house isn’t part of the Star Wars well

it’s found in Australia owing to its big

battleship gray color and unusual shape

the stunning 4 bedroom property called

out Keira has attracted comparisons to

the iconic movie spaceship and it does

bear a stark resemblance to Han Solo’s

legendary craft .

 1 : Minnie Mouse’s House


 Minnie has not one but two houses

that exist in real life the Disney

Company created both houses one in

Disneyland and the other in Disney World

sadly the Disney World version is no

longer available to the public but the

Disneyland one is and although these

houses are not lived in by real people

it’s still worth mentioning because

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are one of the

most original cartoons to date

what was your favorite let us know .

What do you think?

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